A message from the LMBA President

Hello LMBA Family,

For the coming season LMBA’s board will be supporting the “Four Pillars” of our association.

The four groups that make us what we are and provide us with the resources we need to provide the basketball experience year after year.

These pillars are:

  • Parents (and families) who make the investment of time and money each year so we can get our program started.
  • Coaches who volunteer their time to develop our young athletes. Basketball trains not only fitness and athletics but it trains young athletes to be confident students and young adults.
  • Officials will be supported like never before with extended training sessions with senior officials and support from our coaches and players in game.
  • Athletes who are what this is all about. We want to build confidence and self-esteem in the court while building relationships with peers and volunteer leaders that will last a lifetime.

To this end, we will be adopting a zero tolerance policy for abusive behaviour in our programs. Coaches, Officials, Athletes and Families will be asked and expected to treat one another with respect.  If, for whatever reason, things get heated, we will have a coach, official or volunteer on hand to “keep the peace”. After anyone is asked to respect these rules directly they will be asked to leave the facility if there is further disrespectful behaviour. If the abusive party refuses the game will be forfeited.

I sat and watched a coach who was a grown man berate a young U16 female official for the entire first half of a Mini house league game last year. The young lady was officiating a game by herself and was reduced to tears at halftime. This was addressed at half but the damage was done and we have lost this young official for the upcoming season. We simply can’t have this.

I ask that all FOUR PILLARS of our community come to every practice, game and event this season with the notion of respect first on their minds. Let’s be the example of how to behave at our community events within LMBA and while visiting other associations.

I haven’t been perfect in the past and won’t be this year but I promise you, my board members and my sons who are participants that I will try every minute.

Yours in basketball,

Jason Perkins

President LMBA

[email protected]